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South Melbourne's expert lawn mower service providers


Rediscover the beauty of your garden with our fantastic array of quality products

Here at Rotary Mower Service Pty Ltd we offer the most extensive range of lawn mowers in South Melbourne, finally enabling you to successfully manage your garden according to the specifications you’ve always wanted.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry our lawn mower service experts are more than capable of performing repair and maintenance services to ensure that you are maximising your lawn mower’s potential. Rotary Mower Service Pty Ltd is your dedicated, all-year round lawn mower service specialist so come and pay us a visit.

Personalised service


Selecting the most suitable lawn mower service or power tool product for your lawn or garden is not always an easy process, but that’s where the extensive knowledge of Rotary Mower Service Pty Ltd and our staff come in.

Our lawn mower specialists in South Melbourne have the sufficient expertise to help you find the products you need to set your garden on the path towards completion. From consultation to continued maintenance support we are here to lend a supporting arm whenever you need it.

Affordable solutions


Rotary Mower Service Pty Ltd holds a strong belief that everyone deserves the chance to create the garden of their dreams. In addition to providing the most thorough customer service in South Melbourne, we are committed to providing the most affordable lawn and garden solutions in the market. It is a must for us that customers are satisfied with their selected lawn mower service and/or power tools. 

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